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Design Flash

Each month we will be featuring a few new designs from one of the designers we carry in the store.

November 2014
Obaku Watches

Terra Firma BelmontDanish Watches beyond being timeless and minimalistic...

Obaku is a Danish Watch collection with unique qualities, designed by Danes Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengard Ruge.  Obaku takes its name from a branch of the Zen philosophy, which focuses on the essentials in life.  Obaku's individuality in Danish watch design is notable with the perfect blend of fashion and nature in purity, simplicity, and balance.  Obaku, new to the U.S., is represented now in more than fifity countries worldwide.

Below is a sampling of Obaku Watches and related prices, while new collections continue to emerge.  Additionally a sneak preview of the very new is included at the bottom.

 Terra Firma Belmont Design Flash 

Prices of pieces shown above from left to right:

Next to leaf (very top):  $199
Top row:  $159, $169, $139, $139
Bottow row:  $169, $169, $199, $149
Next to snow forest (very bottom):  $169

  Terra Firma Belmont Design Flash

Sneak preview!

The latest of Obaku men and women watches are inspired in three different concepts; the signature identity of Obaku (the love and respect for the elements of nature and the Zen), the fashion appearances of European designs, and the ability of designs to adapt to every occasion and style of life.

Far left photos-Men-Multifaceted look, wear with a suit and tie, playing sports, or on a relaxing day.  This watch  has two sub-dials, a day and date function, and options in leather (beginning at $199) and stainless steel ($239), model # V171.  There are 4 different cases with prices from $199-$239.   There is also a simiplier version of this, model # V169, which has 3 hands and the date feature, Price $149.

Center photos-Men and Women unisex designs the best versatile worn watches, model # V153 has several cases available and in stainless steel or leather.  Prices from $135-$189

Far right photos- Women's watch, a striking combination of Danish minimalist and Swiss and Italian classic watch designs.  Available in rose, gold, or a sliver case with either black, ivory or brown chocolate crodile leather straps. Model # V168, Price $159

October 2014
Melinda Maria Designs
Los Angeles, Ca.

Melinda Maria Designs was formally launched in 2005. Since childhood Melinda Maria had an affection to jewelry designs and often remembers taking apart other's jewelery to recraft into an original Melissa Maria designs.  Her motto is "live the life you dream".  This energy is put into the passion felt in her creations.  Melinda Maria Designs is a high quality fashion line that looks and feels expensive without the price seen with finer jewelry.  Materials are a nickel and lead-free base metal either 14k gold or silver plated over brass. Earring posts or wires are sterling silver.  Most of the pieces include either high quality cubic zirconia or some with semi-precious stones and are handset by a master fine jeweler. 

Melinda Maria Designs has caught the attention of many Hollywood celebrities.  Today there is an overwhelming number of Hollywood's biggest fashion icons seen on the red carpet and all over the world who wear and follow Melinda Maria Designs.

A complete showing of her designs can be seen on her web site and a good selection at Terra Firma.

Prices of pieces shown from left to right:

top row:  $108,  $58, feather necklace 2sizes $78 & $98, ring $178, $118

2nd row:  bangles $98, $98, $68

3rd row: $98, $98, bangle $98, $98, $98

bottom row:   feather earrings 2 sizes $88 & 138, ring-labradorite stone $68


Terra Firma Belmont October Design Flash

September 2014
Ithil Metal Works
Tel Aviv, Israel

In 1997 in a studio in Tel Aviv, Israel  Israeli jewelry designers, Israel Ben Haroush and Gilli Dagmi started Ithil Metal Works.  Seventeen years later they remain recognized for their artistic range of contemporary  handcrafted jewelry designs inspired by movement and color.  Collections include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.  Materials are of sterling silver and or 9K gold and may be with or without druzy, roman glass, cubic zirconia, pearls, or semi-precious or precious stones.

Select pieces shown below are mostly representative of their "swivel" work and are current pieces here at Terra Firma.  The rings reflect a free spirit and style and components on some will spin or swivel.  Sample sizes of rings are available to purchase or if a different size is needed it usually can be ordered.

Prices from left to right;

rings: style R784-$198, R869-$184, R137-$292, R787-$188, R854-$212 

pendants:  style N941-$80, N1055-$132, N982-$102

Terra Firma Belmont September Design Flash

Come by to check these items out in person and also see more designs of these rings as well as some of the other Ithil Metal Works jewelry collections.


August 2014
Urban Junket Hand Bags

Urban Junket is a Minneapolis based handbag design and distribution company founded in 2008 by Tracy Dyer.   The focus of her collection  includes several styles of creatively designed bags that are fashionable and provide functionality and organization to meet the needs of  women's daily activities.  The bags are available in various colors and are made from eco-friendly coated canvas, non-toxic dyes and the signature blue lining made from recycled plastic bottles.

Designs we chose for Terra Firma include the best overall styles for daily versatility and price sensitivity.  These bags are Lauren Hobo bag ($92), Gracie Crossbody ($112), Kathy Backpack ($136), JB Laptop Tote ($146), and Korrie Carry-All ($156).  The handles on these bags are either adjustable or  else nicely designed over the shoulder straps.  These specific laptop bags have a padded section to fit a 17" laptop and all bags have special featured compartments to better organize and keep your necessities close at hand.

Come by and check these out for yourself!

Terra Firma Belmont Design Flash


July 2014
Ed Levin Jewelry

Ed Levin Jewelry is one of the designers that we have carried in the store since the very beginning though he began designing jewelry back in 1950.  Ed Levin's artistic vision and skills have been passed onto now the next generation who carry on with his legacy.  The designs today are handcrafted from his studo in Cambridge, New York.  There are quite a number of necklace, earring, bracelet, and ring designs and new collections arise frequently.  The pieces are available in either sterling silver or 14k gold, or some combinations of both materials, and may include semi-precious stones or fresh water pearls.

Terra Firma Belmont July Design Flash

June 2014
Tom Kruskal Designs

Tom Kruskal has been designing and making jewelry from his New England studio for over 40 years.  All Tom's pieces are handforged and hand polished, each resulting in a strong and perfect finished piece.  These techniques are distinguishable components of Tom Kruskal Designs.  Designs are best viewed as classic comtemporary and light weight with an organic flow.  Tom's design inspiration comes from his own lifetime experiences observing the shapes in the New England countryside, the ocean, and his love for music and dance.

The jewelry is made in sterling silver or 14k gold and most pieces can be made with or without pearls, gemstones, or diamonds.  Since June's birthstone is pearl the pieces shown below include pearls but many are available at Terra Firma in other options.  Tom Kruskal's Designs can also be special ordered for specific stone requests and size.

Terra Firma Belmont June 2014 Design Flash

May 2014
Simple Beauty skincare and cosmetics

On May 1st, Terra Firma launches Simple Beauty skincare and cosmetics, the perfect complement to our unforgettable jewelry.  

We have found the best skincare and cosmetic products to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your skin, paraben free, and made in the USA.  Once you try our Simple Beauty, you'll never look back.  Visit Simple Beauty products at our NEW beauty bar.

Terra Firma Belmont Skincare and Cosmetics


And there's more...

Plan an evening out with friends.  Schedule parties (size of 4-8).  What could be more fun, makeup and jewelry shopping in one place, at one time!

APRIL 2014

Coeur De Lion jewelry is hand-made in Germany by designer, Carola (Hiersemann) Eckrodt.  Carola is located in her studio in Stuttgart, Germany.  She has been designing these exceptional jewelry collections for over 25 years.  All components come from France or Germany and the jewelry remains hand-made in Germany.  New collections come out twice a year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Holiday.

The collections continue to grow and each new collection is better than the previous one, if that is possible!  Materials vary based on the design including Lucite, glass, Swarovski crystal exclusively, and stainless steel parts.  Al pieces are nickel free and many are silver and/or are Rhodium plated.  Designs include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  All necklaces are typically made as a 16-18" length to provide wearing flexibility.  Bracelets also have a size extender built into the piece. 

The photos below show a sampling of the variety and spirit of her collections.  These photos are only a few of the many new spring/summer pieces and more color pallettes and designs are available and currently in the store.  So check it out!!!

 Terra Firma Belmont April 2014 Design Flash

March 2014
Ariana Rabbani of M. Rabbani Creations

M. Rabbani Creations, a family-owned jewelry design business was started in New York City in the early seventies by reknowned fashion jewelry designer Meir  Rabbani.

Today M. Rabbani Creations is a well known fashion forward company where you can find "real" jewels shaped in today's fashion silhouettes.  The talented staff now includes Ariana Rabbani whose award winning designs are worn by several celebrities.  All jewelry designs are made of 14k or 18k ,in white, yellow, or rose gold and may also include semi-precious or precious stones and diamonds. 

Among the beauty of Ariana's designs is that many of the necklaces can be worn very well as either as a single necklace or layered with a second one of your own necklaces to create another look.   Pieces from Ariana's latest collection shown below include the  top selling diamond heart and butterfly necklaces priced at $618 each and the smokey or chalcedony pendant, starting at $540 and earrings, $618.

Terra Firma Belmont March Design Flash

February 2014
Alexis Bittar Jewelry Design

Alexis Bittar, reknown for his jewelry designs with "Lucite" commencing back to 1990, is now also known for his 2 other collections,  "Elements" and "Miss Havisham".  All 3 collections capture Alexis's passion for texture, color and light by fusing semi-precious stones, clasic 1970's metalsmith work and Lucite.

Designs shown below are a combination of pieces from "Elements" and "Miss Havisham" collections currently carried in Terra Firma.  "Miss Havisham" pieces are of a high shine, 10k gold tone plate over a base metal where as "Elements" pieces are more texture, 18k gold tone plate over a base metal.

Terra Firma Belmont February Design Flash Alexis Bittar Jewelry Design

December 2013
Kelim Jewelry Design

Kelim Jewelry Design was started in 1992 by a husband and wife team in a small boutique in Switzerland.  Their designs were inspired by the beautiful patterns in kelims, the traditional woven carpets of their native Turkey, and the natural beauty of Switzerland, their adopted country.  Kelim Designs has now grown to 20 goldsmiths in a family-owned workshop in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Kelim Jewelry collection includes organic and geometric designs with clean lines and a modern and classic look.  All pieces are hand-crafted in a matte sterling silver with a fine silver finish.

Terra Firma Belmont December Design Flash


November 2013
Uno de 50 Jewelry

Uno de 50 is a distinctive jewelry collection uniquely handcrafted in Madrid, Spain.  Uno de 50 was started in the late 1990s by a group of creative designers.  Their concept was to make only 50 pieces of each design however with time the company decided to expand so that more than 50 people could purchase an Uno de 50 piece.

Uno de 50's designs are original, creative and have a unique personality.  The entire process, including design is made in Madrid.  Created from a metal alloy and dipped in 15 microns of silver for brillance once moulded, each silver piece undergoes an anti-allergenic process and is combined with leather, resin, glass or pearls.  All Uno de 50 jewelry is nickel free and hypoallergenic.  The finish pieces are more than eye catching!

Prices range from $85 to $300.

Terra Firma Belmont November Design Flash


October 2013
Colleen Mauer Designs

Designer Colleen Mauer, a new favorite to Terra Firma, resides in her studio in San Francisco,  Ca.  Colleen's handmade designs uses texture, color, sounds and tones as her tools for transforming a simple section of material into a unique piece of jewelry.  Her pieces compliment any look "from casual and everday to chic and classic."

The materials used in Colleen Mauer's designs are a combination of sterling silver and 14K gold fill(14K gold over brass-no nickel), and are all hypo-allergenic.  All chains have flexibility in lengths.  Bracelets are typically made in size 7 but also can be special ordered for size preference.

Terra Firma Belmont October 2013 Design Flash

September 2013

Blunt - the very best functional and stylish umbrella designs.  A wonderful complement to our distinctive gifts for men and women.

Blunt Umbrellas - "Stay dry, look good, be Blunt"

A revolutionary design from the U.K., now in the U.S.  "Blunt" points eliminate sharp edges and weak points in the canopy that could result in flapping, sagging or tearing.  Blunt's Radial Tensioning System provides maximum control and durability, even in the most demanding weather conditions.

In store are the hand size collapsible at $49, the class full sizes at $69 & $79, and the golf umbrella at $99.  Great color selections!


 Terra Firma Belmont September Design Flash 


August 2013

Holly Yashi

Holly Yashi jewelry was started from a design studio in Northern California over 3 decades ago.  The two partners, Holly and Yashi, became highly recognized in the jewelry industry for their inspired approach to jewelry and metalwork with the use of niobium metal in the creation of their pieces.  30+ years later Holly Nosterman, same owner and artist, continues to create innovative jewelry designs.  Holly's design team of artisans handcraft all of Holly's designs.

Shown below are some great new jewelry pieces from Holly's latest collection.  This collection is very different from her others.  These hammered metal designs are handcrafted from tribally inspired roots, detailed and sophisticated.  All of the necklaces below are available as either a gold or silver overlay.  They are adjustable, 18"-20," with the exception of the collar, which is ony availabe as a 16".

Pieces & prices below/

First column( left to right-beg.from top down) Talisman necklace $124, earrings $60, bracelet, $110

Middle column:                        "                            Ellen earrings & pendant $34 each, Sashay earrings $52 & necklace $106

Third column:                            "                          Gemma collar $64, Zoraida necklace $110


Terra Firma Belmont August Design Flash


July 2013

The Touch Jewelry

The Touch jewelry was started in 1977 from a Boston basement by two best friends.  Designers of fashion and nautical jewelry their collections became known as Steven Edwards Designs.  Today their jewelry collections have expanded to also
include other distinctive work.

The jewelry is all hand made in the United States right here in their Massachusetts Studio.  

The Nantucket Collection is one of the newest additions.  Inspired by Nantucket native Bob Marks hand woven baskets, this collection was originally sold exclusively on its namesake island.  Materials include green amethyst, onyx, pave diamond, and 14k gold shell accents on sterling silver or designs can also be made in 14k gold.

Terra Firma Belmont Design Flash

June 2013

Butterfly Artworks

Created by Bob & Ravi Natalini


The jewelry is hand-made with real butterfly wings and sterling silver.  No butterflies are harmed.  They come from tropical butterfly farms within the rainforest and are gathered only after dying naturally.  This is a rain forest "sustainable use" activity that helps preserve wild butterfly populations; provides needed income for the farmers; and helps save rain forests by giving them economic viability without being cut down.

Designs include necklaces and earrngs varying in shape and size (5 sizes).  The prices vary based on not only size but butterfly wing.

Most pendants are on either a 16" or 18" sterling silver chain.   Price range is $60 to $90. 
Earring prices range from $66 to $118.

 Terra Firma Belmont June Design Flash 


May 2013

Webs of Gold

Peter Shakes, a New Zealand Jewelry designer, resides in Wellington, New Zealand.   Webs of Gold is one of his several designer collections.

The Webs of Gold collection includes pendants, broochs, and earrings varying from nature to geometric designs.  Each piece has a sterling silver frame and a center consisting of fine hand-woven threads of 14k gold in either yellow, rose, or white.  The pieces are rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing.  All pendants do come on a 16" or 18" sterling silver snake chain (not shown).

Prices of pieces shown below:

Earrings from left to right:  $244, $244, $234, $260

Pendants including chain from left to right :  $214, $324 (this piece also has cubic zirconia accents), $204

 Terra Firma Belmont May Design Flash 

April 2013

Firefly jewelry is designed by Juan Carlos Chavajay Vasquez and Edward Rudnicki and their design team.  All designs are made in Guatemala at their workshop.

Materials:  FIrefly jewelry is all about color!  The jewelry  pieces are intricately embelished mosaics inset with a combination of Swarovski crystals and various other materials.    The findings used in the jewelry are brass that has been silver plated and antiqued.  The necklaces are either made with silk thread, antiqued steel or antiqued brass chain.  The ear wires are either sterling silver or gold fill.   Post designs are surgical steel. 

Prices of designs shown below:

Top center necklace $86, middle necklace $126 & earrings $64, round pendant $50 & earrings $52,  square pendant $48 & earrings $50

Terra Firma Belmont April Design Flash

March 2013
Michal Golan

Michal Golan is an Israeli born, New York City based jewelry designer.  Her work is hand crafted jewelry, 24k gold or sterling silver electroplated over brass or white metal including semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals, and glass.  Michal's designs are inspired by Byzantine and Victorian jewelry and Middle Eastern art.  The pieces have an antique appearance with contemporary fashion.

Prices of pieces shown below:

Top row from left to right:  bracelet $78, earrings $70, earrings $70, earrings $78

Bottom row from left to right:  necklace $182, pin/pendant $ 78, necklace $238, pin/pendant $78

Stop by the store  to see many more new necklace and earring designs by Michal Golan.

Terra Firma Belmont March Design Flash

February 2013

Doe Cross, solo designer, opened her art studio in California in 1989.  Doe's designs combine handmade paper, found objects, wood, paint, pearls, stones and text to create uniquely individual jewelry pieces.  Her work intergretes Japanese and Western styles.  Each piece is a delicate and graceful construction contrasting the natural and manmade materials. Doe's jewelry designs are wearable art collages.

Pieces shown below,

top row from left to right./earrings $88, necklace $94, earrings $84
bottom row/earrings $98, pin $98

 Terra Firma Belmonth Feburary Design Flash


December 2012

Lisa Monahan

Lisa Monahan is a metalsmith who lives with her family in the greater Boston area.  She has been designing jewelry and sculptural metal works for the past 18 years.  Her innovative and contemporary designs are influened by her 20+ year career as an architect.  She typically works with silver, gold, copper, brass, precious and semi-precious stones, and pearls.

Pictured below are several representative pieces of her work.  Many more of Lisa's beautiful designs are showcased in the store.

We are also pleased to announce that Lisa will be presenting a trunk show at Terra Firma on Monday, Dec. 3rd from 6 to 8 p.m., celebrating the "Midnight Madness" shopping event in Belmont Center.  She will be offering a 20% discount on her work for this special occasion only.

Price info:

Top row, left to right/ Colored Disc Necklace  $106 and earrings $72,  Diamond Shape Chain Necklace $462, cube cluster earrings $ 96, Wild Red Pearl Necklace $162 and Wild Red Pearl earrings $102

2nd row, left to rightTiara earrings $62, Queen Tiara Necklace $302, Triple Forged Hoops $82

  December 2012 Design Flash  


November 2012

Cassavoy & Company-Jamie Cassavoy

Terra Firma has carried the work of Jamie Cassavoy, designer and owner of Cassavoy & Company, for many years.  Jamie Cassavoy, a Vermont native, now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jamie's designs are handcrafted originals, all made in her Atlanta, Georgia studio.  Jamie uses botanicals as the base for her designs, which are expressed in organic forms.  Materials include sterling silver, 18K gold and with or without semi-precious and precious stones, and/or fresh water pearls.  Sterling pieces are available in shiny or oxidized finishes.

Items featured below:

Top row-left to right/ Leaf earring-sterling with 18k bimetal flower $152, cuff minimal leaf design-sterling with18k, width .75" $454, flower earring-sterling, garnet $122.

Bottom row-left to right/ Indigo leaf pendant-oxidized sterling, opal, chrysoprase $182, Indigo leaf earrings-oxidized sterling, chrysoprase $102, Pop flower necklace oxidized sterling, pearl, fluorite, murano glass $400, Indigo leaf pendant-sterling, garnet $182.

 Terra Firma Belmont November Design Flash 


October 2012
Orna Lalo creator of Lalo Treasures

Orna Lalo is an Israeli artist and jewelry designer.  She started Lalo Treasures in 1990, with a local workshop in Israel.    

Her design creations combine unique shapes and techniques using lucite materials and inspired by a range of colors and images that bring to mind the fun, innocence, fantasy and optimism of childhood.    Her creations possess a quality that compels you to pick them up, feel them and turn them around in wonder.  It is like an encounter with a treasure chest. 

Orna’s creations are produced in Bulgaria.  The assembly of the designs is done by women in the local Bulgarian villages where they are empowered by training and job creation, and are also a part of the creative process with new designs.  Presently Orna Lalo divides her time between her home in Israel and the company factory in Bulgaria.

Pieces shown: 

Top row from left to right/necklace $150, bracelet $62, necklace $100, earrings $62, necklace $120, earrings $46. 
Bottom  row/ necklace $126, earrings $50, brooches $48, $48, $44, necklace $106, bracelet $62.

Orna Lalo’s designs currently in the store include jewelry, small decorative boxes, key rings, wall hooks, and candlestick holders.


Terra Firma Belmont October Design Flash


September 2012
Mariana Jewelry Designs

Mariana Jewelry is made in Israel by artist/designer Mariana.  Since 1997 Marianna 's creations have been a consistent recognizable design blending old and new by combining materials with Swarovski crystals, some Antique, fabric beads, special hand cut gem stones and either silver plate or 24k gold (both over brass). The silver plated pieces are nickel free.

Prices vary based on design including necklaces starting at $164 up to $336, bracelets $124- $210, and available earrings $48-$52.  Mariana is also known for her signataure "Guardian Angel" pendants. There are several color/material combinations priced at $60, and many also have a matching earring option.

Terra Firma Belmont September Design Flash

August 2012

Designs by Carola Eckrodt

Rosselini Jewelry by Coeur de Lion is handmade in Germany by designer, Carola (Hiersemann) Eckrodt.  This work is amazing, a new treasure for us!  The minimalist jewelry designs with color are very eye catching, easily wearable, and timeless.

Carola's collections are made in several colors and combinations and include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  All pieces are nickel free, many of them are silver and/or Rhodium plated.  Materials vary based on design including lucite, glass, crystal (Swarovski exclusively), and stainless steel parts.  Each collection has special processing techniques to accomplish the finished look.  The necklace chains are typically made as a 16-18" length to provide flexibility.  There are also a few designs specifically made in a 32" necklace.   

 The jewelry pieces shown below are only some of the many possibilities available.  Prices from top left to right beginning first row with the multicolor necklace $184, bracelet $96, earrings $68, and orange and black combination necklace $168, bracelet $92, and earrings $68. 2nd row blue/green necklace $168, earrings $60, blue, taupe,  navy, black necklace $168, and earrings $58.  3rd row green/black necklace $116 and earrings $62. Last row multicolor cylinder necklace $156 and bracelet $116, long 32" cylinder necklace $184 and earrings $68.


Terra Firma Belmont August Design Flash



July 2012 features Mary Jane Doubleday jewelry designs

We are excited about the arrival of a new collection of jewelry by Mary Jane Doubleday. Mary Jane Doubleday is a Maine-based jewelry designer.   Her designs are inspired by nature.

Each of her beautifully flowing pieces is handmade.  Shapes are sawed from precious metals, textured, formed with a hammer, and then soldered together to create the design.  All of her jewelry is made of a satin or brushed finish sterling silver. Some designs may include pearls and/or semi-precious stones.

Several of the pieces currently at Terra Firma are shown below.   Prices from left to right/ top row necklace $196 and earrings $128,  2nd row earrings $108 and $120, bottom row necklace $202.

Terra Firma Belmont July Flash Design



June 2012

Designer Handcrafted Jewelry by Ed Levin is this month's Flash Designer.

Ed Levin began designing jewelry in 1950.  His artistic vision and skills have been passed onto now the next generation who carry his legacy.  The studio is located in Cambridge, New York.

Items listed below are only a few of many hancrafted designs made by Ed Levin Jewelry.  Designs vary and some include semi-precious stones or pearls.  All pieces shown are available in all sterling silver, sterling with 14K gold, or solid 14K.

The top two designs are the "Delta Pendant" and "Delta Earrings."  The rings from left to right are the "Harmony Ring" and the "Promise ring."  The Harmony ring comes in a light or heavier version starting at $134 in all sterling and $456 for sterling and 14k gold.  The Promise ring is priced at $200 for sterling and $562 for sterling and 14k gold.  Last Ed Levin's "Signature Bracelet" an old time favorite is one of the oldest pieces kept in his collectons.  This bracelet design also comes in a thinner version.  Prices for bracelet shown is $210 for sterling and $712 for sterling with 14k gold.  Ladies sizes include small, medium, and large.  Other sizes available for children and men.


Terra Firma Belmont June Design Flash

Terra Firma Belmont June Design Flash


May 2012

Wasabi jewelry is made by Californian designer and Wasabi business owner, Jill Pearson.  Jill is a third generation Japanese-American.  Her collections possess a clean and streamlined organic quality consisting of semi-precious stones on a silk cord but vary and  may encompass other materials including crystals and leather or sterling, oxidized, or gold fill chain.  Jill's new collections are always at the top with the most current color combination and design elements.

Although most customers recognize a Wasabi jewelry design, all Wasabi necklaces and bracelets have a signature small jade bead positioned at the closure of each piece.

Pieces shown:  The orange necklace below is made of Red Aventurine and Olive Jade on a 16" oxidized sterling silver chain.  Price $150.  The earrings are also of the same stones/material and priced at $80.  The necklace strand is made of Amazonite, Red Aventurine, and Olive Jade stones on an 18: natural silk colored cord and includes antique silver findings.  Price $92.  Last, there are 5 separate bracelets shown below.  Each bracelet is a solid knotted (silk thread) and all have antiqued "Bali beads."  From top to bottom; top one is a faceted Chrysophase roundels (bright green color) with sterling silver cube accent bead at $112, next one is a faceted Vessonite (dark green) with sterling silver flower accent bead at $122, next one is round smooth Turquoise with sterling silver round flower accent bead at $84, next one is a round faceted Olive Jade (yellowish-green) with sterling silver filligree accent bead at $76, and bottom bracelet is a round faceted Amazonite (pale blue) with sterling silver cube accent bead at $88.

Terra Firma Belmont May Design Flash



April 2012

Amelia Rose Designs is on our most favorite list of designers.  We are also lucky that Amelia happens to reside in the Greater Boston Area which has provided us with more direct contact on a regular basis.

Come in to Terra Firma to checkout a more complete showing of Amelia Rose's new spring collection.  All designs are available in silver or gold (vermeil) and have several color options within each design.

The sought after initial necklaces now can be ordered in either a 16" or 18" chain and have the option of adding birthstones.  The price for a single initial and chain is $90.  Each additional initial is $48, and birthstones $24 each.

A few pieces are showcased below from Amelia's new "Paris Collection".  The earrings shown are green amethyst with a green amethyst outline.  The earring is available in 2 sizes, priced at $130 & $190.  The necklace of Blue Hydroquartz with cubic zirconia on a loop chain is available in small for $110, and large $130.  The second necklace, the Pink Hydroquartz is on a delicate chain and also with a cz outline.  This delicate chain only comes with the small size pendant and is priced at $90.

The "Cabo Collection" cabo quartz 36" necklace shown in multi bright colors can also be easily wrapped, and worn as a double necklace.  Options are available for other desired lengths. This necklace can also be ordered in a blue/green combination.  Prices start with a 16" at $80 and up to a 36" for $160.


Terra Firma Belmont April Design Flash



March 2012

Ayala Bar is a well known jewelry designer in Israel.  She creates two seasonal collections of jewelry, Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter.  Her designs are of two distinctive styles known as the "Classic" and the "Hip" collections.  The Classic is more of a combination of metal and crystals where as the Hip designs include fabric, crystals, and/or glass beads.  The metals used are either silver or gold plated over a non-precious base-metal.  Quantities are limited to a short production period and thus collectible.  Her work continues to be sought after by many of our customers.

The prices will vary based on materials and complexity, and limited editions.  Prices start at around $74 for earrings, and $110 for necklaces.  The top three "Cloudy Sky" design necklaces shown below are in the "Classic Collection priced at $154, $262, $302 (from top, & down left to right).  The colorful "Jalapeno" necklace and earrings, in the "Hip Collection" are limited editions and prices at $494 (for the necklace and $190 for the earrings.  With respect to the earring size, Ayala Bar has a range from many average size and designs to large as shown with the earring pair below.


Terra Firma Belmont March 2012 Design Flash


February 2012

Skagen Designs, mostly known for their watches and also designs a limited collection of jewelry pieces.

The co-founders, Charlotte & Henrick Jorst came to the United States from Copenhagen.  They started Skagen Designs in 1989.  Their designs reflect a creative Danish spirit with clean elegant designs, skillful craftsmanship, and technical perfection at reasonable prices.

New Ladies watches shown below are made of Swarovski crystal inlays on the band with a mother-of-pearl dial on colored leather-bands.  The price is $135.

The two other watches shown below are men's watches, but also can be unisex, one with the fusion of a titanium case with grey carbon fiber lower dial and top ring on an orange leather strap.  The price is $150.

The other watch is the fusion of a black titanium case with blue glass fiber lower-dial and black carbon fiber top ring on a royal blue leather strap.  The price is $160.

There are also several other new styles with stainless steel bands which have just arrived in the store.

Please come by and check out the new designs.


Terra Firma Belmont February 2012 Design Flash



December 2011

New designs showcased by Nina Nguyen Design

Nina Nguyen Designs is a favorite of many of our customers.  She resides in her design studio in Florida.

Nina has recently designed several new pieces using druzy stones.  The druzzy stones are tiny quart crystals that form within or on top of other organic stone surfaces.  Two of Nina's druzzy designs shown below include the "Chariot Necklace", and the "Rubbie"single Wrap Bracelet.  The necklace is an accented layer chain with multiple spaced small druzzy stones.  The chain itself is an oxidized base metals and can be ordered in various lenghts up to 60".   The single clasp bracelet below is made with a large brown druzzy stone on a black leather cord.  Typically available in a 7-8" including the extender chain.  Other durzzy and leatherr color options available.

Another new necklace design of Nina's is her "Sutton Necklace" with available earrings to match.  These pieces are made of a 22K gold dipped silver and colored cubic zirconia.  Both the necklace and earrings can be made in various lengths. 

The 3rd necklace shown below is her "Primrose Necklace".  The necklace is an oxidized chain with a pearl and gold filigree accent that holds a large teardrop shape cubic zirconia pendant.  The length is 28" plus a 2" extender chain.  The necklace can be ordered in either sterling silver or in the gold filligree as shown.


Terra Firma Belmont December 2011 Design Flash



November 2011

New designs showcasd below by Amelia Rose Designs

Designer Amelia Lock is located in the Boston area.  Her designs have been seen on Gossip Girl, Nurse Jackie, and Desperate Housewives, and won by Catherine Zeta Jones in the Rebound.

The Cabo Gem Drop Earrings were recently featured on Good Morning America.  These earrings and matching Cabo Gem Drop necklaces are primarily made of quartz with a semiprecious stone drop  Both pieces are available in gold vermeil or silver.  The necklace provides flexibility in length extending from 16" to 18"  The third piece, the triple strand necklace is made of agate stones and the clasps are typically sterling silver.  The necklace shown in vibrant colors is also available in all blue, or a muted multi-color with blues, browns, and pinks.




Terra Firma Belmont November 2011 Design Flash

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